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November, 2012


Mongolian Judges’ Association (MJA) is founded on Feb 21st, 1998 in order to unite against growing pressure from executive at that time.

Up to date, our association has 395 (out of 436 judges in the country) members who voluntarily applied for a membership and registered into central membership registration.

Mongolian Judges’ Association is a professional, non-profitable and independent organization formed under the Law on Non-governmental Organization of Mongolia. It is a private society organization, membership is only available for certain professionals and its activity focuses and meant for service to the members. Association has no formal connection or ties with any public organization including judicial organizations.

Membership is only available for person who presently holds a position of judge which described in Law on Judiciary. It includes judges at general jurisdictional courts; administrative courts the only specialized court, but not the members of Constitutional Court or administrative tribunals.

Mongolian Judges’ Association does not belong to any national association but belongs to International Association of Judges ( as an extraordinary member since 2002. This year MJA obtained the ordinary membership status at the International Association of Judges (IAJ).

Since 1992, Mongolian judiciary is in its biggest reform path now; not only public demands to make reforms for courts but also judiciary itself and political branches of state support it. Therefore, in 2009 with initiative of President, six new laws are being drafted and discussed among public, professionals.


Judicial reform laws are adopted on 2012.03.07 by the Parliament. These new laws are supporting judicial independency in extent of budgeting and protection of improper influence by facilitating methods that making the judiciary able to submit its budget directly to parliament etc. Pack of judicial reform laws take effect in April 15, 2013.


At the IAJ our association belongs to the Asia, North America, Oceanic group (ANAO) and Mongolian Judges’ Association would like to establish and extend our mutual cooperation with the similiar organizations.


If you have interest in learning more about MJA or International Association of Judges (IJA) please contact us at: e-mail:, Web site: