Олон улсын шүүгчдийн холбооны Цахим сэтгүүл

2017 оны 06 сарын 29 6746 удаа нээгдсэн

Олон улсын шүүгчдийн холбооны Цахим сэтгүүлийн сүүлийн дугаарыг эндээс үзнэ үү.

Энэ удаагийн дугаарт ОУШХолбооны 60 дахь уулзалт энэ жил Чили Улсад болох талаар, өнгөрсөн хугацаанд бүс нутгийн группуудын хийсэн ажил, уулзалтын талаар болон холбогдох бусад мэдээллийг агуулсан байна.



Dear colleagues,

In this issue of our newsletter we focus on the main events which have taken place within the IAJ since last year’s general assembly meeting in Mexico City as we look ahead to the general assembly meeting which is going to be held in Santiago de Chile on 12-16 November 2017. In particular, this newsletter provides a brief summary of the most relevant discussions and decisions adopted during the springtime meetings of our Regional Groups and of the Presidency Committee and highlights the main topics which will be dealt with in Santiago de Chile. Although this will not be an electoral occasion, many significant subjects will be discussed, including those I set out here.

Firstly, the Central Council will have to consider the approval of the new and updated “International Charter on the Statute of Judges,” which will replace the existing one, which dates back to 1999. After the preparatory works done by the ad hoc Commission during 2016, the Regional Groups expressed their approval at their springtime meetings this year and the Presidency Committee has just given the green light to the final draft. This document now needs the formal approval by our general assembly in Santiago de Chile.

Secondly, the applications of two African countries and one Asian country will have to be discussed and voted on: I am referring to Guinea Bissau, Liberia and East Timor. The reports have been distributed among all National Associations, which will mean that hopefully you will be able to arrive well prepared for the debate and the voting procedures.

Finally, in Santiago de Chile the Study Commissions will discuss the following subjects: 1st SC: “The threats to the Independence of the judiciary and the Quality of Justice: workload, resources and budget”; 2nd SC: “The use of technology in civil litigation matters”; 3rd SC: “The Sentencing of Criminal Offenders, part II”; 4th SC: “Flexible employment and other emerging types of labour relationship.”

The 2017 national reports (received so far) are already available on our web site (http://www.iaj-uim.org/study-commissions/): please log in the private area with the password provided to your Association. Reports of previous years are located in the “open” area on the same page. The conclusions to be drafted in Santiago will be distributed among the various National Associations after the November meeting and will be published online (accessible by clicking on “conclusions”, of each respective Study Commission).

In anticipation of our next meeting, I wish you all a wonderful summer.


Giacomo Oberto

Secretary-General of the IAJ

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